Deutsche VersionSolarware's Solar-Power-Simulation / Deutsche Version: hier clickenSOLAR-POWER-SIMULATION

  • You are welcome to test this Computer-Simulation
    free of charge !
  • The free of charge Test-Version and the Manual
    can be downloaded here !
  • The Test-Version can be licensed to work as Full-Version;
    the license fee for a one time installation is :
    • Limited-Version                 60.00 Euro         (for private, noncommercial use only)
    • Professional-Version      395.00 Euro         (for commercial use)
    • Upgrade                         350.00 Euro         (Limited to Professional-Version)
  • You can update your existing licensed version now.
    Your license-code will not lose its validity!
  • Current Version on Server:   5.0 / Rel. 03


Click here to    DownloadSolarware's Solar-Power-Simulation / Download

You will get the Solar-Power-Simulation in form of a Self-Extracting Zip File named:

    • SOLAR50_3E.EX-            (Solar-Power-Simulation Version 5.0   Release 03 / English)
    • Attention please !
      Due to the problems of some firewalls and gateways with the file extension  '.EXE'
      this file uses the extension  'EX-'    however for transfer only!
      You must rename this extension  to  '.EXE'  after download.
  • Copy   'SOLAR50_3E.EX-'   onto a folder of your choice (we suggest using an empty folder)
  • Rename the extension  '.EX-'  to  '.EXE'
  • Double click this EXE-file
  • A menu appears. Select a (new) folder and click UNZIP
  • You will get
    • SOLAR50_3E.XLS         (Simulation)
    • SOLAR50_E.DOC          (Manual)
    • SOLAR50_E.PDF           (Manual)
    • README.TXT               (This text with some additional installation hints)
  • Double click these files.                      

To read the manual
you need MS-WORD®  (Version 6.0 / 95 or higher),
or an appropriate program which can read MS-WORD®  format. For a free download of  the WORD-Viewer®   please contact
WWW.MICROSOFT.COM . Additionally you will find the manual as an unformatted text file (.TXT)  to be read with the WINDOWS® editor.

To run the simulation
you need MS-EXCEL®  (Version 97 or higher)
The EXCEL-Viewer®  -also free of charge - however, will not run the simulation!

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