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SolarWare   is operated by
                       Dipl.-Ing. Norbert L. Brodtmann
                       D 33334 Guetersloh / Germany
                       Tel. /Fax. ...49/5241/68621


  • Current Version on Server:    5.0  Rel. 03
    is available now! Click here  for free download
  • Time machine's solar flight
    The 'Simulation Time & Space'    (new feature of  Version 3.0 )
    will offer a fascinating 
    'Time machine's solar flight'  from the Equator to the  pole; everything moves 'on click'.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)
  • The simulation starts, however I get a   `Runtime Error´
    Sorry, not all EXCEL versions are truly compatible.
    Please download the Solar-Power-Simulation Version 3.1 or higher; it is testet with EXCEL `97 to 2003.
  • Using Double-click to install the downloaded file
    I am asked to run a third program to open it.
    You will get the Solar-Power-Simulation in form of a Self-Extracting Zip File named: SOLAR31E.EX- 

    This is truly an  '.EXE' file!
    Due to the problems of some firewalls and gateways with the extension  '.EXE'
    this file uses the extension  'EX-'    however for transfer only!
    You must rename this extension  to  '.EXE'  after download.
    (Please see Download for details).
  • The Download is refused, I always get the note    ERROR 500.
    This is not a problem any longer! Version 2.5 and higher will download correctly.

    The error note occurred due to the problems of some firewalls and gateways with the file extension  '.EXE'  . Therefore the extension  'EX-' is used now, however for transfer only! (Please see above).
  • Why isn't there any possibility yet to get a license on-line?
    To be honest, I, my self never give out my credit-card information on the web on a non-secure page. Unfortunately security-pages sometimes have problems in transmission and give error-messages. The reason for that may be that "this or that" browser does not work well with a competitor's system or a firewall does not admit these kinds of pages. Anyway, we are looking for a solution.
  • How can I get a Professional-Version out of my Limited Edition
    No problem.
    Starting with 2.4 there is a upgrade possibility. The Welcome-Screen asks you, if you want to obtain this upgrade. If you agree, an menu assistant will guide you.
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