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  • A computer simulation of the sun's path in order to increase any solar-power system's efficiency,
  • which gives background know-how for architects, solar-consultants, supporters and critics of solar-power.
  • A   'Time machine's solar flight - from the Equator to the pole'   shows amazing connections. This special journey will not only asks questions but also give the answer.
  • Solar-Power-Simulation shows energy efficiency for a given generator position - all over the world - and calculates possible optimization.
  • Power output of solar generators or collectors will increase up to more than 20% - compared with some non-optimized standard directions - even if there is no tracking device (please click for examles).
  • The simulation gives a prognosis of a system's true power under all weather conditions
  • and optimizes its output by minimizing the time that the sun is hidden by various sky-lines.
  • A large number of individual sky-lines can be recorded in a special Horizon-Database.
  • In addition the simulation's shade analysis will give important input for architects in order to optimize the layout of sun-terraces or sun-blinds.
  • Do not hesitate to do your own experiments.
    Experience the pleasure of a midsummer's night on screen, take a trip to the North-pole or the Equator - under all weather conditions and in every season.
  • Solar-Power-Simulation requires Microsoft Excel, version 97;
    however you do not need any knowledge of Excel as the program is controlled by a menu surface witch will give you every assistance.
  • If Excel is not available for you, you do not have to miss out on the simulation and optimization: SolarWare will do this service for you based on your particular solar data.

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