This is how to Increase the Output of your original Solar-Power System
The efficiency of solar-power is not only determined by the solar-power system itself, but also by an optimized directing of the system towards the sun. In this respect, many things can either be done wrong or well. Ranging from a completely wrong direction, a seasonally hidden sun, to unnecessarily over-engineered systems which try to compensate for the daily and seasonable changing of the sun's position by following its path up to 100%. A theoretically reachable maximum however is not always possible due to the individual topographical situation. Therefore, it makes sense to simulate and compare some alternative solutions to find the best one

Theoretical background please see:
Brodtmann, Solartechnik - Grenzen und Möglichkeiten   Wissenschaftliche Verlagsanstalt, Stuttgart.


Computer-Simulation of Terrestrial Solar Radiation
The simulation allows it to prognosticate the efficiency of any terrestrial solar-power system which is determined by the value of the horizontal positioning angle (Azimuth) and the vertical positioning angle (Inclination) as well as to play through different and alternative models of sunray-collection - to avoid later reconstruction of your solar-power system.

It will be possible to minimize the effect of a particular sky-line's shielding of the sun just by fine-tuning the azimuth. On the other hand, a roof-direction other than south can be compensated for in large part by adjusting the system's corresponding inclination. Furthermore, the individual direction can be optimized either for the summer or winter periods or a full year collection. And - taking into account unfavorable environmental conditions, the simulation can be helpful in deciding whether or not to invest in solar technology!

The mathematics model is based on the following parameters:

  • the latitude of installation
  • the declination determined by the calendar date
  • the solar-power system's inclination in relation to the horizon
  • the solar-power system's azimuth in relation to south (in the southern hemisphere to north)
  • the influence of weather conditions and atmosphere

the model takes into consideration the influence of the topographical horizon in order to minimize the sun's hidden-time.

Time machine's solar flight
'Simulation Time & Space' will offer a fascinating  'Time machine's solar flight'  from the Equator to the  pole; everything moves 'on click'.

Take off  where ever you want !
The movements of the diagrams will show the very complex dependence of Solar radiation on date, time, longitude, receiver's sun-direction and the weather conditions.

Teachers and students will be amazed by this special journey which will not only asks questions but also give the answer.

You are welcome to test the  Solar-Power-Simulation !
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